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      They all talk about equality, friends, and you know what equality is? Equality is a license to rob you blind and steal you blind, to cut you up and leave the pieces for the garbage collector, to stuff what's left of you down an oubliette, friend, and forget about you. That's what equality is, friends, and don't you let them tell you any different.

      "Holy smoke," said the newcomer with a look of disgust. "They've made non-commish out o' them sapsuckers. Why, I wouldn't let them do nothin' but dig ditches when I was in command o' the regiment. But they probably had to take them. All the decent material was gone. How much bounty'd you get?"Yet even so there are people who want to liberate those creatures.

      The boy shrugged and frowned.

      There was a strangeness about everything that they could not comprehend.

      "I've known them unconscious longer than that. But, cheer up, ma'amwe're not going to let him slip past us."Chapter 5

      "He's a stouter man than his brother."


      "Sarjint," gasped flarry Joslyn, after they had gone a couple of miles, "don't you call this purty fast marchin'?"


      "He's a solider man than ever poor Harry was," said old Gasson to Naomi, "more dependable, I should think. Reckon he'll do well for himself at Odiam. She'll be a lucky girl whom he marries."


      Another voice: "... better surrender than get killed...."